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Last week was our busiest week of the summer, perhaps the year. Our church had Vacation Bible School every evening, in addition to the various activities we planned. My children attended a few library programs, which have been wonderful this summer. The boys attended the teen Pour’N Paint class and these are their canvases. I love watching demos of this technique online and I am so glad that they got to try it. I was unsure how they would like it since my one son is not very crafty but he really enjoyed it and is proud of his canvas (one on the left). We had a lot of fun but we are excited to have a more restful week.


PaperArtsy Post: Up My Street



I am over at the PA blog sharing a post for the theme: Up My Street. I used a combination of watercolor and PA Chalk Paints. You can check out the post HERE.


Tea and Poetry



Our tea and poetry theme this week was a little bit of a mash-up. My daughter requested tigers and I wanted to tie it in to a country, so we decided on India since the highest concentration of tigers live there.




Here are some of the books that we used.

Tigers by Leo Statts


Bengal Tigers


Tiger Can’t Sleep has nothing to do with this study other than it is about a tiger. My daughter LOVES this book and we have read it so many times. I had to recommend it for those with littles. It is a fun book for all ages!


Our Feast



Indian Rice Pudding (Rice Kheer) was served with pistachios on top. It was creamy and delicious as we made a few modifications using full-fat coconut milk and coconut milk.



Date Sweetened-Avocado Mousse was a vegan friendly recipe that I found on an Indian food blog. I don’t know how traditional it is but it was nice and creamy.



Pakora otherwise known as Indian Vegetable Fritters were really delicious and crispy. I made them using Gluten-free flour. We also had a yogurt-mint-cilantro dip that we made with herbs from the garden.


Tea Day




I am joining the T-day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. This week, our tea was homemade Indian chai tea. It included black tea and a lot of spices: anise seed, black pepper, cardamom pods, cloves and cinnamon.

Happy Tea Day,





16 thoughts on “Tigers In Town: Daily Art Practice”

  • Hi Kate, I just love reading about your weekly tea party with your children. sounds like a great theme and all the food looks so delicious as does the tea.
    I have read about those pour over canvas’s too with paint- his turned out really nice and glad to read he enjoyed it.
    sounded like a busy but very fun week
    Happy T

  • Your “tiger feast” looks tempting and very delicious. I really enjoy all these different themes and the food you made. Your painting is beautiful and looks so peaceful. And your sons did a great job with their paintings.

  • I love how you tied tigers to India and how you prepared Indian based food. It all looked so good and even a vegetarian would appreciate and be able to share a meal this week. And of course, it has now made me very hungry. I like how everything is so well coordinated, too. That chai tea looks wonderful. I made it once, but I like the look of yours better than what I made. Thanks for sharing tigers, Indian food, and chai tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate. I”ll be by later to check out your PA entry.

  • The food for Tea & Poetry looks so good! I also like the theme of tigers that your daughter chose. Your Up My Street watercolor with chalk paints is lovely! Happy T Day, Kate!

  • I was wondering what this week’s tea party would be about Kate. You have lots of beautiful table pieces and it seems you can even decorate your table by theme. I love it. How many more tea parties will you have before school starts again? have a wonderful T day and start to the new month. hugs-Erika

  • You have all been very busy. Love the pours the boys made, fantastic. And your water colour painting is delightful, as always. Have a great day, happy T Day, Valerie

  • You are such a good mom. The pour paintings are excellent they did such a great job. The food looks amazing as always and of course your art always inspires me. Have a lovely day today.

  • the paint pours look great. I like the tiger and India theme for your tea party. the chai sounds delicious though I’m waiting for it to get colder as chai is one of my cold weather go to. Happy T Day

  • Your food looks delicious!

    I remember library programs when I was little and then when my kids were little. They still do them now. They even do programs for adults and teens.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  • Life at your house is always so interesting! I love the paint pour and your art, but my favorite thing is the Indian food and chai tea – fun, fun, fun!

    Happy T-day, Kate. A lovely post. Hugz

  • I wish I could attend one of your weekly tea parties. Tigers is a very good subject. I would gladly join you with the chai, and those Indian goodies. Tigers are magnificent animals but I wouldn’t like to meet one in person.

  • I liked all your food and drink this week Kate. I also make my rice pudding with coconut milk since I don’t drink cow’s milk, and I have a version of avocado choc mousse, love that, so handy to whip up last minute. Love the tiger theme, I once read that tiger hunting was considered to be a royal sport in India and so the maharajahs killed hundreds of them, quite shocking really considering how few there are left now. Happy belated T Day Elle/EOTC xx

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