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I haven’t done a lot of baking or creating as of late. We have been very busy preparing for our new school year, bathroom remodel and vacation preparations for our upcoming anniversary trip. In the midst of cleaning out our bathroom, I have been going through various spots that have long been overdue for a thorough cleaning. It feels good to get rid of stuff and the idea of keeping only the things that bring me happiness, makes my life feel less cluttered.  Here’s hoping I can get the rest of my house de-cluttered before construction starts.


7th Anniversary ATC Swap



After almost a month, the post finally delivered my ATC’s from Mia. As you can see, she sent me not one but three! They are SO beautiful and I absolutely LOVE the bird that she sent me. Thank you so much, MIA!

Here is my daughter with her ATC that she has displayed on her dresser. Sorry that my picture is a bit blurry. 4 year old’s don’t like to stand still.




Creating the Mail Art



I started by covering my postcard with book paper. I used homemade texture paste and the Lacy Lotus Repeat Stencil by StencilGirl. I sprayed the background with Dylusions ink spray.



Next, I edged the postcard with black gesso and then layered a bunch of scrap items from my table (book paper, linen fabric, stained paper towel, string, stamped teabag, and painted chipboard).



At the end, I splattered a bit of the black gesso to give it the black flecks. The stamps are from PaperArtsy, Pink Persimmon and Wendy Vecchi.



Tea Day



I am joining the ladies for T day hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. Today, my tea is Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend by Teavana. It is delicious iced or hot. I am not a iced tea person myself so I always choose hot.


What are your tips for cleaning clutter?


Happy Tea Day,


19 thoughts on “Time to Clean : Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • Your daughter is a cutie. And nice ATC’s from Mia. I’m with you about the bird. Well all of them. I hope your bathroom revamp goes well, and happy T day. hugs-Erika

  • what beautiful ATCs, and your daughter is adorable.
    I love how you compose layer after layer in your art!
    Now that tea sounds good to me- hot as well, and the dish and topper are gorgeous!! Happy T day!

  • That was sweet of Mia to send the atc’s to everyone in your family.
    your tea looks delicious, hope all goes well with your trip plans, and construction, and getting back to school as well.
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  • Beautiful art, as always, and you got some wonderful ATCs from Mia. Have fun with clearing out, I need to declutter my bathroom, but I have to wait till I feel well again. Happy T Day, Valerie

  • So many people do de-cluttering and put it on the streets these days.
    Sadly most is junk. But I got someting I´ll post soon, too – I love the idea of giving and taking (I do give, too, on sunny days).

    Cute pic of your Duaghter!
    My Brother just sent me pics of his Daughters and the nearly 10-year-old looks like an adult, help!!!
    They grow too fast.

    I love your artwork!! Happy T-day!

  • Looks like we both got lucky this week with Mia’s beautiful gifts, Kate. I was wondering about the stencil, but I see you covered over the name of the company, It’s certainly a great background stencil. And those ATCs are great. So glad your daughter liked hers.

    Your mixed media art is beautiful. Most impressive mid-century feel to it. Lots of great layers from your table, too.

    Your tea sounds wonderful. Nice look to the orange blossoms, too. I’m curious about the succulent in the vignette, too. Thanks for sharing your gifts from Mia who is SO generous, your tea, and your postcard with us for T this Tuesday. De-cluttering is an ongoing event here. You can’t stop once a room or a drawer is de-cluttered. I’m sure you’re finding that out, too.

  • Hi Kate, I am glad you like my ATCs. Hope that you will have fun with the stencil I sent you too. Enjoy!!!
    Your daugher is a cute and beautiful girl.
    Happy T-Day!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, what amazing ATCs from Mia! I love the bird one and I can see your daughter in the one that she is holding, such a cutie 😀. The layers that you created on your artwork are stunning as always, so beautiful! Loving that tea too – perfect 😁. Take care and Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  • Beautiful ATCs. Your daughter looks darling showing her ATC off.

    Maybe sometime, you can share how you make your own texture paste. Beautiful postcard. I wonder how you can mail something like that. In a large envelope perhaps.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  • Beautiful ATC’s you received ~ Your daughter is adorable! ~ Your postcard is amazing with all it’s beautiful layers ~ Your tea sounds divine ~ Enjoy!

  • Worth the wait for the ATCs and I enjoyed the process of your postcard. Your little one is such a cutie, too. Your tea sounds like Constant Comment tea. I’ve never tried that iced. Today might be a good day for that experiment. Happy T Day!

  • How sweet of Mia to send you three ATCs. They are all very beautiful, but I agree that the bird is outstanding.
    Your little girl is gorgeous. I bet she was pleased with her little card.
    Your tea looks very delicious. It’s a shame I can’t smell it but going by it’s looks…
    Tips for getting rid of clutter? My advice would be, find a place for things. If things have their designated place, you can put it away and it is no longer clutter. Things that lie about and don’t get used, and don’t have a place, need to be thrown away or given away to someone who does use it. And your William Morris motto (Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful) also cuts it.
    I’m sorry I’m late in commenting. My laptop has decided it does no longer wants to use Chrome or Internet Explorer and I have not been able to comment. I have an iPhone but I’ve tried commenting before and most comments don’t arrive. So I am looking for someone to do me a blog on WordPress (the free version). If you know of anyone who could do that for me and is reasonably priced, please let me know. I have tried myself but I have not succeeded.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • It doesn’t matter how often I clean out the drawers in our bathroom, they get cluttered again. And you know how you throw out expired drugs, etc? I clean next time and there are drugs that expired 4 years ago! How does that happen? LOL Good luck with your decluttering. BTW, You have an adorable daughter. Your art is beautiful. Happy Day!

  • I always feel good after decluttering. The ATCs you received are lovely. I like the bird too. That was nice that one was for your daughter. Your mail art is lovely. And your tea looks delicious. Happy Belated T-Day!

  • Your daughter looks so happy with her special ATC! They’re all beautiful! Decluttering is a great idea before work is done. We had good session before we decorated but there are still things that are wondering why we kept them!! Your mail art really is fabulous! Belated T Day Wishes – been dealing with mundane stuff, Hugs, Chrisx

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