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In the beginning of the summer, we complained of a drought. Now, we have so much rain that that my tomatoes are rotting from sitting in water on the ground. It was my first-year planting heirloom tomatoes, and I tried one for the first time yesterday and I was amazed at the sweetness. I am looking forward to digging sweet potatoes and picking peppers in the next few weeks. Harvest time is the best.


Travel Journal



I finally finished my travel journal from our family vacation in June. I usually work from pictures as I prefer to spend my time with family making memories. If I have extra time, I sketch when I can but that doesn’t happen often.

My first few pages are maps. I tried a few different ways to document the area that we visited.



I mentioned in our first Tea and Poetry, that we visited Mount Vernon.




Another historical site we visited was the Battlefield at Manassas. I learned that there were 2 battles here during the Civil War, one at the beginning and one at the end. We also learned that one of the families that was present during the first battle, moved to avoid further battles and ended up owning the house in Appomattox where the Confederate surrender was signed to end the war. The scene I painted was from a souvenir postcard I purchased.


The last historical site we visited was the Tall Ship Providence. It is a replica of the first ship commissioned in the continental navy in 1775, later captained by Captain John Paul Jones. Our family took a private tour of the ship and learned so much from our tour guide.



My favorite meal of our trip was from Yong Kang Street, a Hong Kong Wonton and Noodle. SO delicious! I am always craving Asian food so whenever I get a chance to eat it, I savor it.



The soup was different than the traditional Wonton soup I am used too and I enjoyed the various veggies and noodles added.



While in D.C., we ate an Irish meal at Kirwan’s on the Warf.



That was the last page in this journal. now, off to start a new one with new adventures.


Tea Day



I am joining the tea day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Mango Imperial Oolong, that I recently purchased. It is delicious and even has bits of pineapple, making it the perfect dessert tea. I would highly recommend it.

Happy Tea Day,


14 thoughts on “Traveling To Virginia In My Travel Journal: Daily Art Practice”

  • Your travel sketches are very pretty. I agree with you that Asian food is really good, and I’d love to have more of it!

    best… mae at

  • What an amazing travel journal Kate. I understand why you make it after the trip and about enjoying time with your family while traveling. But you did a wonderful job drawing from the photos, and what a great keepsake to have. I bet you will enjoy looking back in years to come. Have a great T day and week ahead Kate. Hugs-Erika

  • Home grown must be the best indeed.

    Your sketches again are super-wonderful!
    I finally tried, but when dry it looked so boring.
    Advise is welcome… I also have a “wet” palette, but that is too advanced, I reckon.

    I enjoyed yours very much – have a happy T-Day!

  • Your food is making me hungry. And even your art showing where you ate is making me hungry. And your art is absolutely stunning.

    I have been to Manassas, but your back story was quite new to me. So glad you shared it. Wasn’t Mount Vernon spectacular? I especially enjoyed the gardens and the back of the home.

    Your tea looks beautiful with the tiny bits of pineapple. I would enjoy that as a dessert drink, too. Thanks for sharing your trip in watercolors and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • The weather has been feast-or-famine in many places. It’s been such a weird weather year, but I’m thinking we can expect more of those in the future. The food looks and sounds delicious. Happy T Tuesday!

  • Ohh sorry the rain is getting to the tomatoes. Yes harvest time is the best. It has been such a strange year for gardening, anyway over here it has been. I am so impressed with your journal. I seriously don’t know how you find time to create while on vacation. My SIL is stationed at Quantico so when I visit them we spend a lot of time in DC. Can’t get enough of all the history, art galleries and amazing food there. I can do without the traffic LOL. Have a very lovely day today.

  • I am going to try making a travel journal for this first time next month when we travel to Maryland for the first time. We’re going to the AKA Kite Festival! Can’t wait!!

  • Wow, Kate, you could publish this – it is soooo cool and so well done. Amazing capture of your trip. My grandsons would flip over the lego store – doesn’t matter that they have been to one before- lol. Love the buildings – you are so good at them and food.

    That dessert tea looks fab!

    Happy T-day a bit late. Hugz

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