Tuesday Tea: Mixed Media Card

In My Cups

This last week has driven me to my cups. Thankfully, my beverage of choice is tea or else my family might be in for some trouble. Haha. Lots is happening in my life so I have been very thankful for relaxing weekends with family to ease some of the stress. Over the last two weeks we have spent our Saturday morning in jammies, eating popcorn, playing Catan and watching people build with Lego’s on Youtube. I love watching my little’s get excited over family time and I hope that it will always be this way. These have been some of the best Saturday’s I have ever had. Being surrounded by the people I love is stress-relieving.




Now that my boys are older, I love that they are able to play challenging board games with us. What are your favorite weekend activies or board games?


Creating the Card

I made this card for PaperArsty using their new paints and Scrapcosy stamps.


I started by applying tissue paper with glue to my background. My background is lightweight chipboard, painted with black gesso.



I used grunge paste with a PaperArtsy stencil in the background. I also stenciled with the Fresco Finish Paints and stamped. Once all dry, I sprayed water with PaperArtsy Infusions. The stamps have been painted using the Fresco Finish paints and fabric and fiber were layered to give the stamped images extra depth.



Lastly, I splattered gesso over the entire card.


Tea Tuesday


So glad that you joined me for Tea Day today. Any chance I get to share tea makes me happy! If you read my post last week, you might remember that I shared a beautiful Tealyra White Spicy Pear Tea with Hibiscus & Cinnamon that was on my Amazon wish list. Guess what? My sweet friend read my post and two days later, I received this tea in the mail! I was surprised and so blessed by her gift as it arrived on a difficult day. It is just as amazing as I thought it would be. The lovely bit of spice from the cinnamon compliments the pear wonderfully. If you love fragrant fruity teas with a light taste, this tea is for you!

I am linking to Elizabeth and Bleubeard‘s for t-day.

Happy Tea Day.



22 thoughts on “Tuesday Tea: Mixed Media Card”

  • Wonderful tea card, love all the textures, and exactly right for TSFT. Glad you are able to enjoy your family time on Saturdays. Since I retired, every day is a happy day with time for fun! Happy T Day, Valerie

  • like every week i´m oooh-ing and aaaah-ing about the texture you achieve in your artwork! always a feast for the eyes!!
    have a great week and happy t-day:)

  • I love your tea themed page today Kate. And your Saturday morning sounds fabulous. I am sure they will be good memories for years to come. I hope you have a fabulous tea day. That spicy pear and hibiscus tea sounds fantastic on these now cold mornings. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  • Sounds like a lovely way to spend your Saturday morning, family time is the best! Your page is beautiful , the background tissue paper looks just like used teabag paper – perfect 😀. Your hibiscus and cinnamon tea sounds delicious – yum! Wishing you the happiest of T Days! J 😊 x

  • Fab looking tea card! Those special days with the young ones are precious and when they are grown you’ll have so many wonderful memories. How sweet of your friend to gift you with that special tea- it sounds delicious. Happy T day!

  • Wow, this is an awesome page. The teacup with the flowers and all those fantastic layers are fabulous.
    Family times are simply the best and will be remembered as the children grow older, it sounds like you had a super weekend.
    Happy T day wishes Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • Good afternoon, your post is so beautiful today-I lo love your care, the photo with the tea is lovely too and sounds delicious. I have not played a board game since I was a kid at home-that was a big family event that I enjoyed
    Happy T Hugs Kathy

  • Such a lovely card. The little spoon is adorable. What a fun way to spend Saturday mornings and great memories you’re making for your littles. Happy T Day

  • I’ve run out of superlatives for your art, Kate. What can I say but this page tops them all. I absolutely love it!

    I hope whatever is stressing you resolves in your favor very soon. Your question abut weekend activities is an odd one for me. With no children in the house any more and working from home, one day is just like the next. If I didn’t have church and brunch on Sundays, choir practice on Thursdays and Pilates on Wednesdays, I wouldn’t even know the day of the week. lol. So glad you’re enjoying these weekend times with your littles 😉

    Happy T-day. Hugs, Eileen

  • A wonderful Mixed Media piece..all the amazing details and the fabulous texture! Simply GORGEOUS! Having a lovely family is such a gift! I got a boy now as addition to the family , my daughter’s boyfriends is such a charming young man . I enjoy our family life as well… time flies by and the kids grow up so fast! Enjoy it Kate! Happy T-Day – Your friend is just so sweet to surprise you with this amazing tea!

    Lots of LOVE


  • What a wonderful tea project! And now I think I must have some of that grunge paste! You enabler, you! LOL Happy T Day!

  • Really gorgeous card, as always! Love your wonderful layering and splatters. your Sat. morning family time sounds wonderful. They truly are times to cherish. We usually end up playing Uno with our grandchildren, or sometimes Scrabble. Monopoly usually ends up with bickering, so it’s not a game we play much any more! 😉

  • I apologize for being so late, but the electricity on my block went out many hours ago just as I was commenting on Lisca’s post. So anyone who linked after Eileen gets this apology message.

    I’m always in awe of your art, Kate. I can’t figure out how you get all that lift, though. I’ve tried everything I know and can think of, and it never lifts like your lovely layers do. This is such a beauty and so appropriate for T this Tuesday, I hope your stressor is resolved soon. At least you have family time on the weekends to destress, which always helps. And you have one very, very thoughtful friend who purchased that tea for you, You can’t have any better friendship than that.

    Thanks for sharing your truly lovely tea cup inspired art and your new tea with us for T this Tuesday,

  • Beautiful layers, colours and textures on this card Kate. Long may you continue with your Saturday family time, it is such a wonderful time to have together. My children are older with children of their own but we all try to meet up most sundays for a family dinner, often there are 12 of us. It’s so special xxx

  • I so love your tea card Kate and I’m just having a quiet little drool over all the amazing textures!! Such glorious colours too! Absolutely stunning!! I whole heartily agree that being surrounded by the people you love is the best feeling in the world! Enjoy the rest of your week!! hugs xx

  • Aw, that is so sweet of your friend to send you that tea, just on a day that you needed it most. We call that a ‘god incidence’. Indeed that tea sound delicious.
    I love your Saturday mornings. They sound fun. I am in my late sixties but come from a family where lots of board games were played. My sister and I played all sorts of educational games. There was one, made by the KLM Dutch airlines. It had a map of the world and airports all over. We had to do missions and trips and that way we learnt a lot of geography and fun facts about planes and airports. We also played Luda and Ganzebord (goose game) and ‘men’s erger je niet’ (man, don’t get annoyed).
    I noticed that nobody mentioned any games that they played. I still love board games and when we visit people that play, I love to join in and learn a new game. Our danish neighbours play a board game called Sequencia, which is played with a board as well as cards. In our family Rummikub is favorite ( not a board game,but stones with numbers on them and you make series on the table. Also Yahtzee is popular ( with dice). Unfortunately my mum is going blind and she can no longer play.
    I have tried to learn Catan online (I don’t have the game myself). I had read a book, a novel, that was based on the game (called The Settlers of Catan). So I got curious and looked for the game.
    If I lived any nearer I would certainly love to drop in on you one Saturday morning.
    Happy belated T Day,

    • We LOVE Catan! It is so fun and they have so many different expansion packs now so you can customize your own board.But of course, it is also another way for the to make money. I would love for you to drop in and play with us. Too bad you are so far away. I will have to look into those games that you mentioned. Have a great weekend.

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