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Here is another beautiful sky from our morning trip to the bus stop. Since the time change, I have missed the sunrise, but I am now looking forward to this time again next year. Isn’t that sky magnificent?


Daily Art Practice


I don’t know if you remember but one of my goals this year was to complete a series of Queens. I decided to complete 6 queens, as each queen took me longer than expected with the planning and draft phases.

Part of my planning included reading the book of Esther in the Bible. It had been a while since I read it and I was amazed at the amount of detail included, describing the palace. I was so inspired that I made a few little paintings, based off the Biblical description.

Both pictures are based off Esther 1:6 “The garden had hangings of white and blue linen, fastened with cords of white linen and purple material to silver rings on marble pillars. There were couches of gold and silver on a mosaic pavement of porphyry, marble, mother of pearl and other costly stones.”



I started off with a color study to determine my color palette.



Study #1 on Canson XL Mixed Media paper. I liked her lips on this study but I wanted her skin tone to be darker.



Study #2 on Canson XL Mixed Media paper. I am not thrilled with this one but the skin tone is better.


Here is the reference that I made, using the Canva App. I compiled multiple pictures to create my own image. I transferred it to Arches Watercolor Paper using graphite paper.







Here is an in-process photo.



Here is the completed Queen Esther. My background wash was an orange, which ended up giving the painting an aged appearance. Her skin is more to my liking, and I like the decorative motifs. My husband said it looks like she is wearing a Moo-Moo. (Haha) I have to agree.





Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Numi Organic Gunpowder Green Tea 16 Ounce Pouch Full Bodied Loose Leaf Green Tea Pearls.

Happy Tea Day,



10 thoughts on “Under A Persian Sky: Daily Art Practice”

  • Queen Esther is the hero of the Purim celebration, when kids wear costumes and have lots of fun dressing up. So she’s associated with a very good time, as well as with saving her people from destruction. Your interpretation of her appearance is interesting.
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • The sunrise is one thing I do miss from my early morning commutes. I don’t really see them anymore . And wow, that is a gorgeous face. It’s a beautiful piece Kate. She looks like she might really enjoy a cup of mint tea. I hope you have a super T day and week ahead. hugs-Erika

  • “…not thrilled”. Really? I think you´re a great artist, I always love to pop in and admire your work – I was not disappointed!
    Atm my “art” is limited to FFO and Saturdays, sometimes Thursdays. But I don´t give up!
    Have a happy T-Day!

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