Unicorns Drink Pu-erh: A Couch Adventure


Couch Talk


Last week, I mentioned that spring was coming and that meant school was nearing it’s end. I guess I should clarify that my children do not finish school until the first week of June. For some reason, people thought they were finishing within the next month or so. I wish. I just get overly excited when spring comes and I start making plans. Spring flips a switch in my head that makes me think of everything other than school. Like vacation plans. We have never made plans this late into the year but with our state’s rigid travel restrictions we couldn’t risk traveling out of state. Thankfully, the restrictions were lifted and we finally decided that our summer travel destination would be the beach this year. It’s the best place to be with the closures of museums and historical sites.





My youngest celebrated her 5th birthday this past week. We started her birthday with the traditional birthday Olaf waffle. Usually, it is accompanied by sprinkles and ice cream but this time we (Me) forgot to buy the ice cream.



The only bit of crafting I got done this week was a few banners, using the unicorns that my daughter colored. I had some leftover tassels that I made at the beginning of quarantine last March so I tied them on the banner to add a little color and texture.



Last week, Jo asked about my daughters birthday dress. I wasn’t planning on making one this year because of a lack of time but due to Jo’s question I thought, “Why not?” The next morning I chose a pattern, washed and cut my fabric and was finished sewing by 4:30 in time for dinner. It may not be fancy but I made a dress in a day!



And here is the donut tower. I used the recipe HERE.



Tea Day



I am joining the Tea day ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today was sent to me by Natural Puerh for my review.  I am drinking a Puerh raw 2018. If you are wondering what Pu-erh is, HERE is a great article to give you the basics. Further down in the post is a video that shows the process of Making a Tea Cake.

Un-infused, this tea was brown, long leaves and in chunks due to being broken off a tea cake. Aroma? Well, I have to admit it smells earthy and a bit dirt-like. You may think this unappetizing. I won’t disagree but if you can get past the smell you might be surprised. I think Pu-erh is an acquired taste that I haven’t quite acquired yet. I have an entire Pu-erh tea cake in my tea cabinet but I rarely find myself reaching for it. Maybe it will come in time. So, back to the taste… it doesn’t make me wrinkle my nose so that’s a plus. I am not good at giving fancy names to flavors so I will just say that it is strong with a pleasant aftertaste that sits in my mouth. I think this would be a great after dinner tea as it gives me that “Ahhh” feeling. Calm and relaxing. The way I want to feel at the end of the day.




I would by no means call myself a tea connoisseur and I am definitely lacking a refined palette when it comes to tea tasting. But I know what I like and I think that is the most important part about any kind of food or drink. Just because its the “In thing,” doesn’t mean you have to like it. I have read a lot of tea blogs and reviews by individuals that I would call tea snobs. They turn up their nose at the teas I like and drink on a daily basis because they are flavored and not pure. But that’s ok. They make me happy so that’s all that counts.

So, if you like strong teas without added flavor, this may be the one for you.

This is not my first time drinking Pu-erh. If you recall, I received some Pu-erh for my Birthday last year and I shared it HERE.

Have you ever had Pu-erh?

What do you look for when buying a new tea?

Happy Tea Day,



13 thoughts on “Unicorns Drink Pu-erh: A Couch Adventure”

  • You really put on a wonderful birthday celebration. Lovely dress and neat donut tower!

    be safe and many happy returns of the day! mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • That looks like an exciting birthday, R=I like Tessa’s donut cake. My birthday was also last week and even though I had a cake late on over the weekend, on my birthday I had a donut with a candle in it. I think your daughter has good taste. The dress you made came out beautiful Kate. I am impressed you made it in 1 day. It looks like your daughter loves it too. I am not a tea connoisseur.I just drink what I like also. But I am off to read about puerh raw. It’s always good to learn something new. Have a great T day Kate. Hugs-Erika

  • How wonderful to share your daughter’s fifth birthday with us, Kate. How sweet to fix her pancakes for breakfast and wonderful donuts for her party, That tower is impressive.

    I’ve had Pu-erh from tea cake, too. I agree it smells like dirt to me. I like strong tea, and it was almost bitter when I drank it. The second cup was much better because I didn’t let it steep so long. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your daughter’s birthday and dress you made her, and your Pu-erh tea with us for T this nearly Tuesday.

  • Good evening, I love your decorations and donut cake for your daughter’s birthday, and you make lovely dresses for her-she must love them,
    I wasn’t familiar with your tea, sometimes the packaging of teas will catch my eye and I limited to no caffeine teas as well.
    Happy T day

  • Olaf. LOL. I have no kids, but before my big Niece learned to read I had to read that Frozen-book to her over and over again. And again.
    Why??? I mean… she knew the story, right? Isn´t that boring? Maybe you can explain…

    Wow, a dress in a day! And a beautiful one, too.
    Good idea with the donuts.

    To be honest, when it comes to tea I fall for design (ohhh, they have such beautiful ones, I´ll make a piece of it) and flavors promised. Sadly often I fall on my Popo (butt), ugh.
    Happy Tea-Day to you.

  • Hi Kate,
    Lovely photos from your DDs Birthday, she looks so pretty in her party dress. Great idea with the donuts with her name on the bunting, I love the bunting across the window too and the Olf Waffle.
    Happy T Day
    Jan S

  • The beach sounds like the perfect destination. Happy Belated Birthday to your youngest. The dress is lovely! We’ve done birthday towers from donuts and cupcakes, and it’s fun to have something a bit different. Tea snobs aren’t for me 🙂 I like a variety, and I like trying new things, but sometimes a cuppa Constant Comment in a bag hits the spot 🙂 Happy T Tuesday!

  • What a fabulous post! It looks like your daughter had a wonderful birthday, I loved seeing her smiles and that Olaf pancake is the perfect birthday breakfast 😀. Wow, I can’t believe that you made a dress in a day, I’m so impressed and you choose such beautiful colours and the design is amazing – I love it! That donut tower looks delicious too! So many treats for us to enjoy this week, thanks for sharing, take care and Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  • what a darling little girl. And you have given her such a beautiful party with the party decor, her dress, and the yummy donut tower!
    We just made some plans for the beach too- and I cannot wait:):) Enjoy your special tea, and happy T day wishes.

  • Happy Birthday to your Little Miss.🎈🦄 5 is such a magical age. The unicorns and birthday banner are awesome. Olaf and the donut tower looks soooo good. Speaking of awesome, you for making an adorable dress in one day! As to tea, food, or anything we like, I’m reminded of lyrics from Harry Chapin’s song Someone Keeps Calling My Name: I may be just four fingers old, but I know what I like. Happy T Day!

  • Well done for making such sweet dress for your daughter! I love how you decorated your rom for the Birthday girl too! I already said on Erika’s blog – very birthday should have donuts in it!
    Sorry……I don’t ever look for tea(grin)!
    Have great weekend, very belated T Day wishes, Chrisx

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