Visions of Smoke: Mixed Media Mail Art

Lack of Vision

With so much going on as of late, I have struggled to get back into the creative mode. Last week my hubby was sick and being the kind and sharing husband that he is, he shared his germs with me. This weekend I woke up with a sore throat. And as the day progressed, my body felt like every muscle was throbbing. I would like to be able to say it was from rigorous physical exercise but it wasn’t.  Sadly, it was just part of the gifted germs.



This morning, I am still dealing with pain when I swallow but thankfully my fever and headache are gone as well as most of the muscle pain.  As I sit here typing, I am smelling the scent of burnt oil wafting through my house from last night’s dinner. I wasn’t quite with it while cooking last night and I burnt a pan of oil getting ready to fry up some chicken. I had to open all the doors and set the pain outside due to the plume of smoke engulfing our kitchen. And if that wasn’t enough, I put another pan of oil on and burnt the chicken. On my third attempt, I realized that I couldn’t see the temp knobs because the overhead light wasn’t on and discovered I had put the Temp on high on my two previous attempts.


Eventually, I produced a pan of juicy fried chicken. I am hoping that tonight’s dinner is much less eventful. I am going to make sure the light is on and I am more alert despite my mental and physical fatigue. Haha!

So, as you can see, I haven’t had much time to think about creating art. But hopefully, once this sickness is beat I can get back to dreaming up new projects.

Creating the Post Card

I made this as a demo for my recent art journaling class. The backing of this postcard is an index card covered in patterned paper. I covered it with texture paste using the Decorative 6-Petal Flower Screen. I used some yellow spray ink and white embossing powder in the background.


Next, I layered some scrap book paper, scrap fabric, stamped images (PaperArtsy), thread and a tea bag. Lastly, I splatted some gesso over the finished piece.

Tea Day



Today, I am sharing another favorite tea that I have rationed because it is almost out. My fabulous in-laws brought me back this set of beautiful American Indian motif tea cups from their travels to Arizona. My Tea is a Strawberry Green Cream Tea from The Rosemary House.  It is a green tea that tastes light, fruity, sweet and creamy. It was $7-$8 an ounce so I only bought one ounce. I would love to get some more when we visit that area again.

I am sharing my the tea bag on my postcard and my loose tea for Tea Day along with the ladies at Elizabeth and Bleubeard.

Happy Tea Day,



Challenges Entered:

We Love 2 Create: #12 Anything Goes

A Perfect Time to Craft: Anything Goes

Creative Artiste: #42 Anything Goes

17 thoughts on “Visions of Smoke: Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • Good morning, so sorry you caught the “bug” sounds like my disasters in the kitchen if I am not feeling well. your art is always amazing-and love the sound of your tea-I I would love to see more of your pottery cups-I love pottery
    Happy T

  • I remember those days of kids and families passing the germs from one to another and don’t miss it one bit-that was the downside of being at my son’s school helping out so much. Hope you feel better soon. Gorgeous postcard- I love the vibrant pops of color! Glad to hear you at least didn’t haev to call the fire dept. as the grease burning can be disastrous, yes, and smell pretty nasty too. i would have given up and gotten take out:)
    Happy T day!

  • Lovely Tea Day post. I am sorry you are under the weather, and I hope you get to feeling better quickly! Meanwhile , your tea on Tea Day.

  • Glad the chicken turned out ok in the end and I hope you are feeling much better soon! I’ve had a summer cold too and it’s no fun. Your postcard is so beautiful and I love how you gave him wings – perfect 😁. Your tea looks lovely and that’s such a pretty cup too – Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  • Sorry to read that you have been unwell, I hope each days feels better for you.
    Your art project looks fantastic and the colours look happy and bright.
    Your tea, although expensive sounds delicious. and I hope you had a better time making the meal this evening.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • I’m finally back online. I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner, because I take my hosting duties seriously. What a shame about the hot oil. I’ve done that before and my smoke alarm stayed on for what seemed like hours after I removed the oil to the garden. I just hope you didn’t ruin your pan like I did mine. Sorry to read you have not been well.

    Your postcard is fabulous. I would LOVE to know how you get your layers to stick up so high. I can’t seem to get that in my art and it’s frustrating.

    Your cup is lovely, and your tea sounds wonderful. I never get to buy a full ounce at my local Tea and Coffee establishment. I end up getting like 1//4 to 1/2 oz depending on the overall price. It was good to see you also shared the tea bag in your art, too. I’m loving it all. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday,

    BTW, if you have washi tapes, please share them next week.

  • i enjoyed reading your post – though the health part wasn´t amusing for yourself. i hope the last germs are leaving soon and you are back to normal. the oil in the pan situation i know too well… sometimes i think i will just do a very quick thing and then don´t come back in time…. argh!!
    your artwork is striking as always – love the contrast of the colorful background to the vintage picture of the man!
    have a great week and belated happy t-day:)

  • Well i daresay thats one thing hubby could have kept to himself…lol Glad to hear your feeling at least a little better.. Note to self.. no more cooking when If hubby made you sick then its his turn to cook.. Its in the rule book….honest…

    How in the world do you send that lovely card through the mail Kate? I make mailart postcards too but they are totally glued down… and reinforced within an inch of their lives…lol Happpy Belated T day! Hugs! deb

  • I hope you are feeling better. You’re a better woman than I. I would have either sent out for dinner or told the family to fend for themselves. as in cereal or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 😀 Very cool postcard . I bet the tea smells pretty, too. Happy T Day.

  • Your journaling page is amzing, very beautiful and with lots of dimension!
    Hope you are feeling better and thank you for the nice comment on the unicorn card. I made it for my granddaughter, who is turning 6 in two weeks and is in love with unicorns 😉

  • So sorry to hear you have been so unwell Kate…. No wonder you struggled getting dinner on the table. In my book you are a hero, being a mum of 3 little ones is hard at the best of times, but when you are sick, it becomes inhumane….. Maybe next time your oldest (or indeed hubby) could help out with cooking? Anyway, good to hear you are at least a little better again.

    Your art like always is wonderful! You manage to create the most amazing textures!!

  • oh dear Kate! I do hope you are feeling better! I have had the throat thing for a week now and with my coughing in the night,my husband has assured me that if I don’t call the Dr. he will! ha We’ll see about that! teeheehee
    Have to admit, nothing worse than that burnt oil smell the morning after!Glad we have an ionizer for things like that! Oh do get better soon!

    I just love that card/piece! Your layering always intrigues me. I love to look at the close ups and imagine where your mind was at the the time.
    Thanks for sharing
    Jackie xo

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