Want to Get Together, Girlfriend? : Mixed Media Mail Art


Girl Time


I am going through girlfriend withdraw. We have been house dwellers for almost a month due to sickness and I am missing my time with friends. Every other week my cousin and I get together at my hubby’s Grandparents and we spend a few hours chatting and chasing after our little people. Some weeks we get in a lot of conversation while others we can’t seem to string together a coherent conversation due to the constant interruptions.



This week I am looking forward to getting together and catching up with my cousin now that things have slowed a bit. It may be a bit crazy with 6 kids because it’s impossible for them to get along all the time, right? I try to remember that this needy stage  will not be forever. And before I know it, we will be sitting, drinking tea, reminiscing and wishing our noisy little ones were around us creating chaos.



So, as I made this piece of mail art, I thought about my cousin and our bi-weekly meetings. Even though our lives have kept us from getting together in person, she is never far from my thoughts.



Creating the Mail Art



I started off with a plain index card and covered it in vintage papers, pattern paper and trims. I then covered the papers with a coat of gesso.



Next, I stamped a Japanese wave stamp and embossed with Lindy’s embossing powder. I sprayed the background with several Lindy’s colors (Red Hot Poker Orange, Sea Mint Green, Glory of the Seas Gold, Merci Beaucoup Mint Embossing Powder).




Lastly, I layered some PaperArtsy stamps that have been colored with Lindy’s, stamped tissue paper, fiber, washi tape, handmade flower and a TH paper doll.


Tea Day




I am joining the ladies for Tea Day over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s. My yummy tea today is Spiced White Pear Tea. It smells delicious and has a nice light flavor with a little spice.


Happy Tea Day,


15 thoughts on “Want to Get Together, Girlfriend? : Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • Your postcard is incredible. I followed along, scrolling back to the top after every photo and really LOVING this beauty. I was most impressed. I hope you are feeling better and will have time with your cousin for some alone time soon. This is a real gem.

    Your pear tea looks lovely. Is that bits of white pear I see in the tea? I bet it tastes delicious, too. Thanks for sharing your incredible postcard and your tea with us for T this Tuesday,

  • i love your mailart card with all that gorgeous texture! and yes, every life has its phases – demanding kids or empty nest… we just have to be aware of the good parts of the stage we are in now… happy t-day!

  • That is such a lovely piece of art in tribute to friendship Kate. Love all the yummy layers and rustic feel of it. Your tea sounds very nice too. Enjoy your upcoming friend time, and happy T day!

  • It’s so nice to get together with friends, I hope everyone is feeling better soon so that you can enjoy your time with your cousin again! Your page is a wonderful tribute to your friendship too and I love seeing the process that you followed – amazing 😁. The tea looks so good too, yum! Wishing you a Happy tea Day! Jo x

  • Fabulous mail art and muse, Kate. Thank you for sharing how you made the lovely card for you cousin. I hope she reads your blog, so you sees this .

    Happy T-day Eileen xx

  • Your mail art is a beautiful memento of time spent with a best friend. And yes, one day you will blink, your little s will have littles of their own, and you and your cousin will wonder where did the time go. I can just smell the fragrance of your tea. Happy T Day

  • Lovely artwork. Thanks for sharing how you did it. That I always helps me , as I am still learning mixed media. Happy T Day!

  • What beautiful art work. It’s so interesting to see how you put it together.
    I totally understand you when you say you can’t have a decent conversation because the children take priority. I’ve been there too.Plus, I had a full time job. But, I did night shifts and there was always time to chat then.
    I don’t have that sort of relationship with my cousin and I don’t really have a BF as such. I have a girl friend who is my prayer partner and we share everything about our lives. As my Spanish is not good enough for a deep conversation (although I try) it doesn’t go deep enough. I have made friends with a Mexican girl who speaks good English and she is a believer. I know that our friendship will go far but it is early days and these things take time.
    You tea sounds interesting. The sort of thing I would like. I bought a new tea recently. I will have to remember to photograph it. Although I usually feature wine in my blogs, we actually drink a lot of tea.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  • Your postcard artwork is really lovely, sounds like fun when you meet up and you are so right that soon they will grow up and you will wonder where all those years went !
    I always love looking at your tea, I wouldn’t drink it but it looks good enough to eat, all those colourful pieces.
    Have a great week
    Jan x

  • This is really a Gorgeous Art card Kate !! I looove the way you have created it, with all the layers and beautiful textures. Yes, cousins are very important, and good friends. Your tea may be delicious, Happy belated T-day !!
    I wish you a very nce Thursday, and send big hugs,

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