Watercolor Nesting Dolls


A Family of Dolls


Matryoshka Dolls have always intrigued me due to their colorful exteriors and secret compartments. And how cool is it that they nest inside each other to save space? These adorable little pieces of folk art would look great in my house. I have been eyeing a few on Amazon and these are the ones that made the cut. I even love that they offer blank wooden dolls so that you can paint your own. I was thinking that this would be a great project for my children. Not only would they serve as a piece of decor but they would hold sentimental value if painted by the littles.




Hubby and I have recently been discussing the art/wall decor in our house. I LOVE to fill my walls with anything that makes me happy. My husband prefers to only hang up that which he has a sentimental attachment to. That includes our family photos, pictures I have painted and art representing memories or places we have visited. One of these days we are going to have to come to an agreement about what to keep and what to donate. Either that, or I am going to have to paint all my own wall art.

So, I thought I would start by creating this project  which was the perfect addition to our family photo gallery.

Creating the Watercolor Painting



I have been wanting to paint a picture depicting our family but I was never quite sure what I wanted to use to represent each member. When I saw these nesting doll stencils I knew that they would be perfect.

If you are interested in seeing the process of how I created the painting, check out my post over at StencilGirl. I also included a list of all the stencils that I used in the painting.

Thank you for stopping. Don’t forget you can read about the painting and see the process HERE.


3 thoughts on “Watercolor Nesting Dolls”

  • Like you I have always loved nesting dolls, my own kids had a collection of them and now my grand daughters adore them too. Your painting of them looks absolutely STUNNING!!!

  • Your painting is beautiful, Kate! I love the way you chose to represent your family. I remember having a set of those wooden nesting dolls when I was young, but I’m not sure what ever happened to them. I like the idea of buying a blank set that you can paint yourself.

  • I so adore this Kate! I have always loved nesting dolls although I have never owned any. What a lovely way to represent your family. Each member is so unique and beautifully painted! Absolutely love this!! hugs xx

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