Watercolor Portraits

In My Previous Life…

A long time ago I used to paint. Pre-Children Era. Painting can be very therapeutic and relaxing but requires periods of uninterrupted time. And those of you that have had children would probably agree with me that un-interrupted time and children in the same sentence is an oxymoron. (haha)

I have had a desire to start painting again but the most I have time for is sketching here and there. The paintings were done the year before we were married, 2005. As I look back, I have the desire to go in and change things about these paintings. I was always reserved when it came to making lights and darks. I can still hear my Grandpa voice, reminding me how important shadows are and to not be afraid to go in dark. Maybe I will get the courage to go in and tune up some of these paintings.


This cutie was on a clothing ad for children’s clothes. I absolutely love his pudgy cheeks and pout-y lips.

When it comes to painting, I love faces. An individual’s face reveals so much about their life and feelings. But I love the innocence reflected in the face of children. Maybe that is why I gravitate towards them when it comes to my artwork.


Believe it or not I am that little girl with the mushroom haircut. This was a collage I did from photos of my bother and I when we were younger. 


I used a National Geographic photo for this one. It was a Middle Eastern Tribal woman in a dark burka holding her beautiful daughter in her lap. The mother’s face was sun-worn, showing life’s difficulties in her hard eyes. Against the darkness of her mother, the daughter had a ruffled pink cap, edged with lace and beautiful dark eyes. The photo is one of my favorites and I wish I could find it to share with you.


I have been following along with a few free online lessons to get back in the groove. As you can see, I still have a ways to go and a lot to learn but I am hoping to fit some more sketching into my life. Danielle Mack has some really helpful tutorials if you are interested in faces.


And that is it for today. If you are interested in seeing more, I may share them in a future post.

Do you have a favorite website/blog for drawing and painting inspiration?

Have a great weekend,



9 thoughts on “Watercolor Portraits”

  • These are fabulous Kate. They truly are. The expressions in the faces are lovely. Looking forward to seeing more. Keep going!
    Flo x

  • You draw beautifully. Your faces show such expression and you manage to include so many details. I am truly impressed. Don’t ask me about favorite blogs or sites for painting. Painting is not in my wheelhouse, I would probably eat glass faster than I could paint anything recognizable, although I LOVE abstract art. Keep up your drawings. There will come a time when no children around will NOT be an oxymoron,

  • Oh my goodness! These paintings and drawings are absolutely amazing Kate. You are such a talented lady!! I sincerely hope that you will be able to find the time to do more of these wonderful paintings. Perhaps when your children are a little older. In the meantime, why not tackle it on a smaller scale?? Would love to see more !! hugs xx

  • Oh wow Kate, these are amazing!!! You definitely should continue your portraits, these look fantastic, such great expressions in all of them, brilliant!! Thanks so much for sharing these little wonders with us and I really hope you will show us more if you get back to it!! I really hope you will find the time!

  • Wonderful paintings, Kate! I enjoy using watercolours and love to see what other people do with them. I have always struggled with faces, but you have a real talent for them. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Kate,
    I am so happy you have shared these! Amazing is what they are! And you are way to cute with that mushroom cut! LOL
    Yes, please, share all of your artwork! It is always a treasure to see what other talents lurk behind our blog friends!
    Jackie xx

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