Welcome the Ecstatic Experience : Mixed Media Layout


Cuddles and Vomit


My littlest sweetie is experiencing her first real bout of sickness this week. Sure, she has had colds and runny noses but this is the first time she has battled real sickness. All day Saturday she projectile vomited and was unable to keep down water and solids. It was a busy day wiping up vomit, changing linens, and giving showers. One of our cuddles resulted in me taking a face full of vomit all over my newly salon styled hair. I admit, I almost cried while washing out those fabulous curls. But no one wants to keep a small amount of vomit around just to look pretty. It has been terrible to see her bubbly personality suppressed. Despite the the extra laundry, I am soaking up the the hours I have had to cuddle and hold her. Normally, she is not the cuddly type because she is too busy playing or running after her brothers but this morning I got a full two hours of cuddle time.



Sickness is not quite an experience that I would describe as ecstatic but I am certainly ecstatic when she spends more than 1 minute in my arms without trying to wiggle away. I am thinking this is just a bug that needs to work its course. Thankfully these things do not last forever and she will be back to her normal self soon.  I will certainly be missing the cuddles though.



Creating the Layout


My background is handmade paper which has been sprayed with Dylusions Spray Ink. I stamped using a Japanese Wave Stamp and a Unity Christy Tomlinson stamp.



I used the Decorative Medallion Stencil, Pilgrimage to India and the Eye Lattice Stencil from StencilGirl with PA Mustard Pickle Chalk Paint.



The items that I used to layer are strips of painted book paper, die cuts, fiber, fabric washi tape and alcohol ink colored acetate.


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Tea Day



I am joining the T day Ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s. For my beverage, I am sharing my Tiesta Tea Maui Mango Pineapple Fruit Tea . This is one of my favorite fruit teas although I have many. It creates a lovely bright yellow color. Pineapple and mango give it a light but very sweet taste that I guess could be considered more of a dessert tea. I definitely could drink this tea for dessert after every meal.

Happy Tea Day,



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16 thoughts on “Welcome the Ecstatic Experience : Mixed Media Layout”

  • awe, the poor thing. I remember those terrible viruses and all the clean up it involved, not to mention some worry over the lngth and severity of it sometimes. The cuddles are healing and soothing. Wonderful journal page! Happy T day!

  • That is pretty art journal layout. Sorry to hear little girl is sick. Sending hugs. Hope she is well quick! Happy T Day!

  • What a sweetie she is and you’ve created a beautiful mixed media spread around her. I hope she’s beginning to feel much better now, but enjoy those cuddles while you can xxx

  • I’m back and will play catch-up as best I can. This has been a very trying time being without internet, but I HOPE this has been the cure. I’ll explain on Wednesday, because it’s too convoluted to explain here.

    Sorry your daughter has a nasty bug. Sounds like you got the brunt of it, too. Glad you got cuddle time, though. Your art is once again over the top and gorgeous.

    LOVED the look of that tea. It sounds good, too. Thanks for sharing your art and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate.

  • Your journal page is wonderful, and I hope your little cutie is soon feeling well again, it’s hard seeing kids battling with illness. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • she looks so wonderful in the collage! i hope she will be well soon and does not hand over the bug to you! and for sure hair with vomit is not what we are dreaming of… happy t-day greetings!

  • It is a beautiful journal page with lovely layers and colours.
    I hope you little one is getting over the illness and will be well soon.. Cuddles are one of the best cures a mother can give, It must have been so worrying for you.
    Happy T day wishes Kate.
    Yvonne xx

  • Poor little baby! I hope she gets better soon. It is no fun to be sick.
    Your page is beautiful, as always. I love the mandala type stamp you used, or is it a stencil… Very lovely.
    Your tea sounds yummy. Although it must be strange to drink sweet tea.
    Happy T-Day,

  • I’m sorry to hear she was so sick. Hopefully she gets better soon. Your artwork is lovely. And I love that celestial tea strainer! Happy T-Day!

  • Sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope she is feeling much better soon ! Nice to get cuddling time and your page is amazing with the beautiful colourful background 😁. I bet the tea tastes delicious too – happy tea day! J 😊

  • Oh, poor baby, it just breaks my heart to hear of the little ones getting so sick. Hope she is on the mend soon, and you can go get a new “do” at the salon.
    Happy T-day

  • Awww, poor baby. Enjoy the cuddles and I hope she feels better soon. Such a pretty, summery page. I can’t wait for the hazy, hot, and humid weather. Happy T Day

  • Oh my, what a subtitle, Kate. Poor baby! Poor both of you. I love how you turn the most awful experiences into something positive as you write the blessings you see.

    This muse touched my heart because our son was that sick when he was only six months. e feared we would lose him. But we didn’t. Thank God.

    I love your bright summery page.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • Awe, poor thing, hope she gets better soon but enjoy those cuddles while you can, hopefully minus the vomit for the rest of the time.
    A fabulous colourful LO with an adorable photo!!

  • So sorry that your little one has been so ill Kate. I do hope that she is recovering well.
    Your journal spread is stunning! The colours are amazing, so bright and summery, and I love all the added details. So very gorgeous!!
    Enjoy the cuddles with your dear little girl Kate. There is nothing better in the whole world!! hugs xx

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