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Christmas decorating is always one of my favorite times of year but I am sad that the season is so short. I am not a fan of decorating before Thanksgiving and I get annoyed when I walk in the stores in October and see Christmas trees. From my point of view, it makes the season more exciting if I can immerse myself fully for a few weeks. This year I have a lot more plants in my house so I decided to add a few decorations among the plants. I was surprised when I opened my bag full of decorations to discover that several of them were broken. Last year, in an effort to purge, I cleaned out items that didn’t spark joy, which ended up being half of our Christmas decorations. Hopefully, that gives me some room to go shopping and add a few things I really like.



Amazon Wish List


Years ago, our family discovered Amazon’s wish list and gift giving has never been easier. I am not very good at picking out gifts so this list is my best friend. I like to browse Amazon all year round and add things to my list when ideas present themselves. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite things for 2019.


Stamp Carving



Watercolor/Mixed Media





Art Books





Home Decor Books



 Non-Fiction Books







Misc Pretties


Well, that’s about all for me today. I am joining in with the T ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s.


Happy Tea Day,


12 thoughts on “What’s On Your Amazon Wish List?”

  • Hi Kate, Loving your nutcrackers, and you have some great things in your wish list. I keep a list going too at Amazon
    Happy T wishes Hugs Kathy

  • I’m with you as far as I don’t decorate, nor do I like all the Christmas stuff showing up what seems like now just after Halloween:( The Amazon wish list is such a great idea- I only wish people in my giving group would use it. Often i do end up getting gift cards. You’ve got a really nice variety of things on your list:)
    BTW- are you making a Christmas/holiday dress for your girl?
    Happy T day!

  • I have the deco up all year round. In more or less hidden places, that is, I´m not totally crazy 😉
    I agree, such a list is best!
    I once got a Birthday pressie for my Niece. The same as her Grandma. Bummer, she was very disappointed (she was 5 I guess).
    A Happy T-Day to you!

  • Oh, Kate those nutcrackers are adorable. I have a friend who collects them, so I’m always on the hunt for them. Yours are adorable, especially among the plants.

    I refreshed twice and none of the Amazon links showed. I had to click on each one to see the actual wish. I know you’re going to think I’m crazy BUT, my friend Scott gave everyone on his gift list a Yeti last year, He asked if I wanted one, since I have my big ugly 32 oz mug, and I said NO, First, there’s no handle and I need a handle, Second, the one he showed me didn’t have a place for a straw and I need a straw. It’s not seafoam green, but silver. If I’d known, I’d have taken one and sent it to you. I LOVE some of those teas, too. Of course, that Klimt would be on my list, too.

    Thanks for sharing your nutcrackers and your Amazon wish list with us for T this Tuesday,

  • Nice holiday list. My husband still likes to do most of his shopping at actual stores, so I never know what he will get m. But he has good taste so I usually get some things good. And nice decorations. I hope you have a fun week leading up to the holidays. Ad you decorations look great. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  • Nice wish list. I have carved a couple of stamps for Letter Boxing. I bet you would love doing that with your little girl, if you haven’t already. The clues for the letter boxes are on website called Atlas Quest. There is a link to it on my sidebar on my blog near the top. My favorite Places. If you haven’t done it already , it is fun. Our daughter had found it in a parenting magazine. She and I and the grandkids would go hunt letter boxes in fun places like parks, and cemeteries, etc. Fun outings for us. Sometimes the whole family would go. I shop for her and her family off their Amazon Wish Lists. Yes, lots easier. Merry Christmas, Kate, and Happy New Year!

  • I’m the same, no Christmas decorations until 1st December in our house and now I have 5 rooms all decorated for Christmas …lol 😉. You have some fabulous gifts on your Amazon wish list too, looks like you’ll be having a very happy Christmas when you receive some of those gifts – perfect! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs ,Jo x

  • Kate I feel just the same about decorations getting earlier and earlier, my husband always jokes after Christmas that Easter eggs will appear!
    I’ve also bought some new decorations, we don’t usually put many up if we are on our own but this year we have made a bigger effort as our three year old GS is coming over.
    I always have an amazon wish list going, I don’t share it with anyone, it’s just my list of things I like, ha,ha,
    Have a great T day, Jan x

  • Your decorations with plants must look lovely , I did like the nutcrackers you have on display as well . , I hope you get some of the things from your wish list, its a good idea, The art books is a really interesting selection.
    I hope you have a happy T day and a good week.
    Yvonne xxx

  • I love nutcrackers, so seeing yours is a joy! And you have a Mouse King Nutcracker! That was a good idea to place them among your plants. You get the green of the season automatically. I’m sorry to hear some of your decorations were broken. If any were wooden ones, Elmer’s Glue is your friend. 🙂 I’m not good at coming up with gift ideas for others, so the Amazon wish list sounds like a great idea. Happy belated T-Day!

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