When PigsFly I’ll Go To School: Daily Art Practice


Couch Talk


Today is Labor Day here in the States and we are picnicking with family and enjoying our last day of summer vacation.  I made a healthy dessert for myself and a sugar-laden dessert for the rest of my family.

Tomorrow, the early mornings begin with school and I am eager to get a new routine in place. I will have 7 hours without interruption to accomplish all of my tasks. Let’s hope I use them wisely.


Watercolor Shop Front


This weeks sketch is the PigsFly Kitchen and Bar in Singapore. My reference photo is HERE. A really cute little restaurant with the striped flooring and plants.




Urban Sketching


Saturday we went to a college football game at Juniata College. I am not a sports fan, but I went because all my boys love football. This is the second sports game that I have attended in the last month. I have found it to be a great opportunity to practice urban sketching while everyone else enjoys the game. We had a lovely view of the von Liebig science center so I had a great subject to work with.




Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I am sharing my go-to tummy soothing tea. I have been drinking a lot of this lately. Their grape flavor is pretty good as well. My children love it when they are sick.

Happy Tea Day,



15 thoughts on “When PigsFly I’ll Go To School: Daily Art Practice”

  • Are your kids excited to go back to school? I can’t believe summer has come and gone already. I love the idea of you doing some urban sketching during a football game. That’s a great idea. And your sketches are wonderful also. Hope you have a super week Kate, and enjoy your 7 hours of time. And use it productively of course. Smile. Hugs-Erika

  • Your sketches of buildings are really nice. Good that you can sketch while “watching” sports events.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • Kate, I know you are glad to get the extra time, but probably miss them as well. Your buildings are beautiful! Wow. You did a wonderful job on both. I need to try that tea if it helps when you are sick. Thanks for sharing. Happy T-day!

  • Your kiddos must be excited for a new school year, as are you but you will miss them;) Love your shop front and the urban sketching science center building is fantastic! Never tried the Sleepytime tea but it does sound like a good one to have. Happy T Day wishes, and good luck with the new school year!

  • What lovely watercolor drawings this week, Kate. The Pigs Fly cafe is so well done and that college building is beautiful. I bet the kids didn’t even notice you weren’t paying attention to the game, either. I loved the sleeping bear on the tea that you shared. Thanks for sharing these wonderful buildings you drew and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  • Love your sketches. So clean and crisp but so fun at the same time. I will have to check out the books you mentioned previously. Good luck with your seven hours of productivity

  • Where has the summer gone, I can’t believe that it’s school again already! Loving your paintings and all the detail that you add to each illustration – amazing 😀. I would love to try a cup of that tea too – yum! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  • Himself started teaching a couple of weeks ago. I now have Tues and Fri. to get things done. I hope you can settle into your new schedule. I’m not a sports fan either. The time I went to a football game at Himself’s alma mater, I was wearing sun glasses. It was chilly even though we were in the sun and I was wrapped in a stadium blanket. I fell asleep! Your time at the game was more productive. When Pigs Fly fun name for a shop. Happy T Day

  • Your pigs fly sketch is wonderful and perfectly matches your inspiration. I don’t now how you could sketch at a football game! I have to watch it or the other people. LOL What a sweet box of tea with the bear on it. Great for T Day. Have a great week with your kiddies in school again.

  • I’m sorry I’m late again in commenting. Tuesday is a day we usually are away from home and as Blogger doesn’t like iPhones or iPads, I cannot do anything until I get back home to my desktop. Sometimes this is quite late, so here I am on Wednesday…
    It’s great for the kids to be going back to school again. They didn’t go last year if I remember well (You home schooled, didn’t you). I remember always being excited about going back to school. It is great for you too as now you will have a bit more time.
    The watercolors of the college and the Pigsty are beautiful! I expect you have quite a collection of watercolors now. Do you paint on loose papers or in a sketchbook?
    The herbal tea sounds really nice. Celestial is a known make of herbal tea. I have bought some myself (but no that one).
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • Wow Kate these are amazing art pieces. Having time alone in the house is a dream. Just doing what you want and need to do. Oh Sleepytime Tea has been a go to since I was young. Have a great day.

  • What a trooper to attend the game anyway! I’m sure it was fun for the family. I love your sketch from real life, though I know it must be very different than sketching photos from Pinterest. I don’t see that you have struggled in the least, as both are equally beautiful drawings and the coloring is perfect. Hugs, Autumn

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