Where There is Love, There Is Life: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout



Each and every year that I spend with my children makes me realize how boring my life was before they existed.  Hubby and I hardly remember what it was like before children because we were married for only two years before they came along. When we were first married I would sit next to him while he played computer games. At that time it was one of the ways we would spend time together. And on Saturday mornings we would stop for bagels and a beverage before hopping in the car for a day long drive. We hardly ever went out to eat due to money limitations and we never went on dates because when there are only two of you, life is one long date.



It is amazing how our definition of ‘spending time together’ has changed through the years. At this stage in life 30 minutes of uninterrupted conversation in a locked room counts as spending time together. Of course, outside the room is utter chaos but a shut door goes a long way in making it feel like we are in separate worlds.  Now when I look back, I think about all the wasted time. I could have accomplished so many more things and enjoyed my hobbies while I had the time. But then, a lack of time is what motivates me to enjoy life more. If I had all the time in the world I probably would never live my life to its fullest because there would be no motivation or time restraint.



But no matter how much I could have accomplished without children, I don’t think my life would have been that enjoyable. By having little people to care for, we have both become less selfish people. And when working through the problems that have come up in life, we look at things differently because our decisions effect not only us but the little people that rely on us. Children have a way of turning us into better adults. Yes, there are times when we get frustrated and we exhibit behavior that we are not proud of. But little people are very resilient, quite forgiving and quick to love. I am so thankful to Jesus that I don’t have to imagine my life without them.


How did life change for you once you had children?

Creating the Art Journal Layout


I used coffee filters to sponge up paint and then layered them over the background. I stamped and embossed an Asian character stamp as well as a chevron stamp in the background.



The stamped flowers by PaperArtsy have been painted and cut out.  I also used a Webster’s Page doily, fiber and a stamped sentiment.


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3 thoughts on “Where There is Love, There Is Life: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • Yes I resonate with life without children Kate and how they change your lives completely and for the better. There is nothing more important than your family, they bring so much joy. Love the pages you have designed to reflect young life and memories. Have a great weekend xxx

  • Nice spread Kate. I love how you used the photo of your daughter. I wish I had thought to take photos of mine with her age on them when she was little. Now I have a million photos , most dated, but I have to guess or figure out the age in others. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

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