Who Doesn't Love the Circus?

     I know…your wondering if I am still alive. It has been eventful as of late. Trying to sell a house in one state and trying to buy one in another has certainly been an eye opener to the incompetence of banks and lawyers. And then, pregnancy issues (sickness) on top of that. Did I mention that I am pregnant??!! So, that is why I have been MIA as of late.
    Just a few cards from Artistic Outpost ‘s Vintage Circus stamp set. Loving the retro look to this set! So many fun possiblities. And one more for fun!

2 thoughts on “Who Doesn't Love the Circus?”

  • It is wonderful to view your cards, perfectly capturing the feel of the circus (I will admit, I never liked the circus as a child and on reaching my teens I didn’t like it for a second reason, the animal abuse that is rife) but I do like vintage circus images – I blame it on being a Gemini, I am full of contradictions LOL.
    Thrilled to read your news!

  • I am with Lynne, including being a Gemini!! I loved seeing Barnum when it was on in London when I was around 15, but did not like seeing real life circus.
    Congratulations on your news. So pleased for you.

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