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Kimchi in glass jar

Couch Talk


Things are starting to return to normal now that the holidays are over and everyone is healthy again. I am working on building up my immune system by improving my gut health after several rounds of antibiotics for a dry socket. After a long time of negligence, I am making Kombucha and my favorite Trader Joes’s style Sauerkraut again to replace the good bacteria in my gut. I even tried Kimchi for the first time this week. It was SO spicy it made my nose run but I couldn’t stop eating it. Kimchi is a delicious Korean version of fermented vegetables that usually contains either cabbage or radish. After my current batch of sauerkraut is completed, I am going to give kimchi a try.


PaperArtsy Guest Designer




I just had a post on the PaperArtsy blog for the theme: Opposites Attract. It’s all about the color wheel and colors that are opposite each other. I am sharing the process for this mixed media mail art that you can see HERE.


Watercolor Shopfront 


Salumeria is an Italian restaurant located in Moscow. From what I can see on their website, the menu consists of all sorts of Italian staples, including pizza and pasta. I even spied my favorite dessert, cannoli. My favorite part about the exterior of this building is of course, the flowers and greenery, framing the building beautifully. Reference photo HERE.



M. J. Kamphuizen Koffie & theehandel is the last shopfront. At first, I thought it was an antique shop because of all the wares in the windows but after reading through the reference photo a bit more, it says that this is a coffee shop in South Holland. Such a beautiful old building with a lot of character.  This was my first time using this technique for painting bricks that I learned in an online Etchr class. Other than the reference, I could not find a website. Reference photo HERE.


Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth. My tea today is one that I grabbed at the grocery store, Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea, Bengal Spice, Caffeine Free . I bought it for my daughter when she was sick because she LOVES tigers. It ended up being more to my liking so I am drinking it. I love the spice in this tea! It even tastes delicious infused in almond or coconut milk.

Happy Tea Day,


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