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Tea has always been an important part of my day but more so in the past 10 years as it is the only thing I drink. I have enjoyed finding different flavors and varieties that I didn’t know existed. I have also started enjoying my tea sets that have sat unused for years. I am getting to the point in life where I find it pointless to have things sitting around looking pretty and serving no purpose. With our recent house remodel in progress, I am having to purge a lot of things, ensuring that I am keeping only the items I need and use.

What are some items that are going unused that you want to start enjoying?


Teacup Class


Back in June, I started Liz Steel’s Teacup class. It was 4 weeks of lessons, plus 3 livestream classes. To document progress, I started out with a sketch of one of my teacups. I found out that teacups are a lot harder to draw/paint than one would think.



Most of the cups I worked from for the class are below. Apparently, I love gold. The very first picture is of my cast iron and clay teacups. After photographing all these for the class, I realized I forgot to share my Turkish Tea set. I’ll try to share a picture next week.



One of the things we learned to do was break down our pattern. I enjoyed this exercise and love making these diagrams. This one is done with watercolor pencil.



Measuring teacups was a bit tricky and this took me a while to get right. I am not sure I will use this as it is tedious, but the principles are there if I get stuck and need to work through a problem.




Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day Ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea today is Fruity Paradise. It’s my favorite green tea with pieces of strawberry.

Happy Tea Day,


13 thoughts on “Who Want’s Tea?: Daily Art Practice”

  • Great post about teas, I love your tea cups. we did leave behind many many items at the woods home, but I kept all of my arts and crafts items, most all of my kitechen things-I love all of those too much.
    Enjoyed seeing your paintings of the tea cups. I love trying new teas too-so many to choose from as well
    Happy T and week

  • It’s good that there are so many tea flavors available since this is the only thing you drink (you don’t drink water?). Are there some that you like much better than others? Your tea sets are lovely and good for you to use them than just have them sitting around looking pretty. After all they were made for drinking tea. Happt T day!

  • Your teacup drawings are wonderful! You are so good at this; I am surprised you take lessons. All the names of tea sound good, but I like flavors of black tea, myself. The herbal is never as good to me as it sounds. Happy T Day.

  • I love all the variety of teas there are, so it’s a good thing to drink. I don’t drink it only, but it is nice in the later afternoon and in the morning. And sometimes after dinner. OK, I drink a lot of tea-smile. And you have some beautiful tea cups and sets Kate. It must make it fun to draw them for your class.. Your drawings are great too. I hope you have a wonderful T day and week ahead. Hugs-Erika

  • Wow all of the tea cups look amazing. I used to collect tea cups and plates. But many years ago sold and gave them away. I agree. keeping things that are just decorative and collecting dust really need to go. LOL Lovely art and a wonderful post. Have a great evening.

  • Love the tea cups you own and are drawing/painting. Very detailed steps to doing them – I would be lost (I hate to mesure – lol). I have all kinds of dishes I need use – one day…. Ihad a friend who used his china at every meal – he said why would you have it if you don’t use it? I agree but don’t want to drag it out.

    Lovely post as always, Kate. Happy T-day and hugz (I am not posting this week – just checking in).

  • I have always found tea cups difficult to draw because of their perspective. Glad you are enjoyng that class and we get to see your tea cups and tea sets,. Fruity Paradise sounds like yummy tea. Thanks for sharing your art, your tea cups, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Kate..

  • I know what you mean about getting rid of things that have no purpose. I have to purge loads of stuff when we moved to Spain. It’s really amazing how much stuff one accumulates.
    Your tea cups are gorgeous, but I can imagine they are quite complicated to draw and paint. Well done for trying though.
    Happy T-Day,

  • What a wonderful T post Kate.. I am making sure i’am only keeping things i need and use but i have to add LOVE… If i don’t need it use it or absolutely LOVE it then it goes to a new home or trash.. If an item brings me joy then for me its well worth having.. Love your painting. You paint so well. Happy T day ! Hugs! deb

  • You have a beautiful assortment of tea cups and your rendering is beautiful. I should use my china teacups more. Happy T Day

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