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My littles started school on Tuesday and I had a glorious 7-8 hours of un-interrupted time. I had only one day where I wasted an hour or so of time because I couldn’t decided what task to start. I have a HUGE list of tasks to accomplish and being a goal-oriented person, I feel guilty if I am not performing a task every second of my free hours. In order to fix that, I am now making a list the night before to give me some direction.

Overall, it was a great week! I got a lot accomplished and most importantly, my littles LOVED school. They were happy to be around people their age again and to be in a class room setting. My littlest had so much fun at Kindergarten that she goes to bed every night excited for the next day. What a great attitude towards school. If only I felt that way about adulting.


Watercolor Shop Front


Casa Manini is a Italian Restaurant in Singapore. The twinkle lights, front window and collection of plants really captivate my eye. And who doesn’t love an art studio to browse while you are waiting for your table? You can find my reference photo HERE.


Kim Choo Kueh Chang/ Kumah Kim Choo is a venue in Singapore that sells traditional rice dumplings. I looked up their website and enjoyed seeing their selection and pictures of dumplings. All of which had me wishing I lived closer so I could pop in and try a few. Reference photo HERE.


Watercolor Food Illustration


I played along with a challenge to use the zorn palette, which consists of only 3 colors (cadmium red, yellow ochre and black). The challenge also included painting a dessert so I used this photo of whoopie pies that I previously made for my son’s birthday.



This was a new challenge for me working with a very limited palette but I really enjoyed it. I also used higher quality paper which I think made a difference. I added lots of layers and the paper didn’t buckle.



The rest of my food art below, is done on a very low quality paper. I find it difficult to control the paint and the water on this paper. But I am not one to let things go to waste. If anything, it is good practice in the hopes that I can conquer the secret of this paper. Eventually.

The sweet and sour sauce that we use in our weekly stir fry meal.



Here is a Pizza Hut box that the personal pan pizzas comes in. My children receive one free pizza per child per month when they complete a certain amount of reading. It’s a great reward for doing something fun! I loved getting these when I participated in the BOOK IT program as a child. I am glad that they brought the program back so my littles can participate.



Kind Bars are one of my favorite snacks. I used to eat them everyday when I was eating sugar and I really miss them. This flavor, Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew is favorite flavor of all the bars that I have tried.



Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Day ladies, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My Tea today is one I have shared before, Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green. I drink 3 quarts of this tea daily and I love it! It doesn’t have a fruity flavor which is unusual for me. I assumed tea connoisseurs were the only ones that drank non-flavored teas and up to this point, I haven’t found any that I like. This is the first non-flavored green tea that my palette approved of. If you like green tea, you should give this one a try.

Happy Tea Day,



15 thoughts on “Whoopie, We Made It Through :Daily Art Practice”

  • I can’t drink three quarts of anything. I am surprised since you like a different tea in the morning, I see it has caffeine, so I could at least enjoy it. Glad the littles enjoy school. I sure did, so it’s good to encourage them.

    Nice paintings and lovely food inspired art. Thanks for sharing these with us for T this almost Tuesday and enjoy that Numi tea.

  • Sounds like you are enjoying your you time Kate.. And are staying busy. I am loving this week’s buildings; they are always so wonderful. And such fun buildings. I like your food drawings too. I hope you get lots done this week and enjoy your time. And have a happy T day too. hugs-Erika

  • Always a pleasure to really look at all the wonderful details in your watercolor illustrations Kate. I am learning that the biggest thing is the paper quality (though I’m not quite ready or good enough to splurge on the expensive stuff:) And your whoopie pie painting is awesome- the depth and details is just amazing!
    Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when one’s children are happy to be at school…
    enjoy your daily hours and happy T day!

  • Your whoopie pies turned out great! It’s a good challenge when you’re only allowed to use three colors, but with watercolors you can make so many shades – but still, quite a challenge. I like Kind bars as well, but I’m more into the ones with lots of nuts and not so much the dried fruit.

  • Great works again – with what / how did you do the writing in the Kim Choo painting?
    Hmmm, Pizza Hut. We have one, too, but despite it´s a chain and you´d hence expect it to taste the same (more or less) everywhere ours in Gemrany are… ewww. So sad. Or good? 😉
    Yes, tea-time starts, summer is one.
    Happy T-Day!

  • Wonderful art, Kate. I can’t decide which I like best af all your drawings but I think the Kind Bar might be it. Totally amazing!

    Glad you got some extra time to get some things done on your list, and glad the little’s loved school.

    3 quarts of green tea a day – that may be the most amazing of things in your post. If the tea is that good – I definitely need to add it to my shopping cart!

    Happy T-day!

  • Your daughter going to bed excited to go to school the next day made me smile. Hopefully, she will keep that love of learning for the rest of her life. Your illustrations are just amazing! My MIL made the best whoopie pies so that illustration was a sweet memory. Enjoy your time now that the kids are back to school. Happy T Day

  • How wonderful that your children love school. It makes all the difference. Of course with the pandemic they have been deprived of contact with other children but now they can appreciate it all the more.
    Your water colours are beautiful. Well done with the cookies. They look really good. Different shades of brown. Not easy. Paper quality apparently is very important. My art teacher always told me not to economise on paper. But when my lessons started, my teacher fell ill and I never got to enjoy the water color lessons.
    How great that children get rewarded for reading. That is a fab incentive. Pizza Hut is world wide. We have them here too in the big cities. But I don’t like their pizzas. They have sugar in them would you believe! And they are fat and bready while I like thin and crispy. There’s no accounting for taste.
    I smiled at your not knowing where to start. I admit to making a list every day. Some things don’t get done (I’m not a slave to my list) but that doesn’t matter. Do I take it that you no longer work? Will you go back to working now the kids are at school?
    Happy T-Day,

  • So glad you’re enjoying your kid free time and it sounds like you are accomplishing so much! I write lists too and find they help me be more productive and get things done, I love ticking things off …lol 😉. So glad your daughter is excited about kindergarten too and your illustrations are amazing. Take care and wishing you a Happy T Day! Hugs Jo x

  • What fun for you to have time for projects like your artwork. Great job with all of them too. I showed my husband the Whoopie pies, and they look so good, we both want one. 🙂 Happy T day!

  • I love your shopfronts and the whoopie pies look so amazing. I have some gunpowder tea also, it’s very good. Happy belated T day Elle/EOTC xx

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