Who’s Up for a Beach Vacation? : Mixed Media Mail Art


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We spent a wonderful week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, relaxing and shopping. I won’t lie, the weather wasn’t beach weather for the first part of the week. But Wednesday we woke to sunshine and the rest of the week was beautiful. Here is a picture of the sunset the night we arrived taken from the balcony of the home we stayed in.



We rented a beautiful home that was right on the water.



My little’s loved the sand and water. At the end of every day, they came home with sand in pretty much every crevice and crack.



When we vacation, we do most of our own cooking to save money. 5 people eating out all the time is quite expensive. But we try to eat out at least twice because l will be honest, it is my favorite part of vacation. We went for seafood twice this vacation because we were right on the water. Here is my meal of shrimp and haddock. It was delicious!



Despite everything going on with Covid-19 at the moment, the beach was the best place to be. No social distancing or masks needed at the beach. And we were so excited to be able to eat out and go shopping. Most of the historical sites are still closed so we were grateful that our vacation didn’t require any sightseeing.

And I will leave you with a picture of the hubby and I. It was taken around sunset on the dock. I am squinting just a bit from the sun.



Creating the Mail Art




In an effort to use up more table scraps, I found this mail art background already made and set aside. I stained book paper, added black paper leaves and embossed with a script stamp.



I stamped some tea bags with a PaperArtsy stamp, added a chipboard piece that has been embossed with a StencilGirl stencil and the focal point is a Lynne Perrella stamp by PaperArtsy.

Tea Day



I am joining the Tea Ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My tea is a Mahamosa Pear Green-White Tea. It is a light tea as the pear just lends a hint of flavor and not much sweetness. I like this first thing in the morning as a wake-me- up tea.

Are you going on vacation this year, if so, where?

Happy Tea Day,


19 thoughts on “Who’s Up for a Beach Vacation? : Mixed Media Mail Art”

  • Oh what a fabulous vacation! So happy to hear how relaxing it was. Hoping to finally see the ocean in Aug. and Sept.. In normal times i would have been to the beach several times by now…
    Beautiful mail art! Happy T day!

  • Hi Kate, so glad you and your family got away for a vacation. This reminded me when I was kid going to the beach. I think renting a home and being able to cook most of the meals is the way to go.
    Love your art and you always share such wonderful teas. Loved the photo of you and your husband Happy T wishes Kathy

  • Love your beautiful art. Glad you had a great vacation, that must have been wonderful. Being at the beach is the best. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.Your food looks great, too. Have a good week ad happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  • You all look so happy, it´s a joy to see!
    Hubby´ll have to take off two weeks soon, but we´ll stay home. He hates the masks and the beaches in Germany are not really nice, either.
    Love your art, a happy T-day to you!

  • Amazing how different states are reopening on different schedules. Looks like North Carolina is one of the ones that isn’t having a resurgence of cases, so you are really lucky.

    I like your “queen” art.

    be well… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • I love the Outer Banks. The beaches are just fantastic there and I think it’s a great place to vacation. You look very happy in that photo with your husband, and I am sure the kids loved it. Hope you have a fantastic T day kate. hugs-Erika

  • It sounds like a very fun and relaxing week. Just to be able to walk about without masks on would be a joy.

    Your littles obviously had fun. Cute picture of them. Gorgeous picture of you. Your fish dinner looks like a real treat.

    Thanks for sharing all the excitement.

    Beautiful page too!

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen xx

  • You were lucky to get away to have a beach holiday, especially in the current virus situation . The photos looked lovely, it was good to see the happy smiling faces of you and the family enjoying yourselves. Its a wonderful art project as well.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  • oh wow, the beach looks amazing and your littles do look happy. Really beautiful postcard you’ve created!! Lynn Perrella’s line of stamps are quite wonderful, I haven’t looked at her products in a while, thanks for the link. glad you had a nice vacation….happy T day!

  • My apologies for visiting so late. My internet went out last night and didn’t come back on until a few minutes ago. It often happens when it rains, but it’s been so dry here, I didn’t realize it would be a problem.

    It looks like you and your family had a lot of fun on that very deserted looking beach. Nice to have it all to yourself, at least. Eating out when traveling is expensive for one person, let along FIVE. Since I was more on road trips than vacation home trips, I had to stop every day for coffee, or I wouldn’t have made it.

    Your mail art is gorgeous. As always, I love the layers and layers you create. And the texture, too.

    Your pear tea looks beautiful. I like the chunks of pear I see in the mix. It sounds as good as I’m sure it tastes. Thanks for sharing your vacation, your mail art, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday. BTW, I haven’t left my property since March 15, so there’s no way I’m going on any vacation any time soon.

  • Lucky you to be able to go on vacation. I bet the children loved it. And I’m glad the weather was good after Wednesday.
    Your mail art is gorgeous. I love that stamp. A beauty.
    And the pear tea looks interesting. I can see little bit of pear (I assume) . A nice tea for early morning.
    What a fab photo of you and the hubby. Thank you for sharing that.
    Happy T-Day,

  • Oh, what an amazing place to stay! I’m so glad you enjoyed your beach vacation, you all look like you had fun and your photos are beautiful 😁. The meal looks delicious too and as always your art is stunning 😁. Wishing you a wonderful week and a Happy T Day! Take care! Hugs Jo x

  • Great photos and fantastic artwork. I’m glad you guys had a nice time on vacation. It looked beautiful there. Happy T-Day!

  • Woww Kate, your vacation sounds so funny!! Enjoy !! That´s good you could go to the beach without problem. Lovely your family. Happy T-day ! this tea may be delicious. And I loove your wonderful mail art, Amazing !
    I wish you a very nice Wednesday, and seng
    Big hugs,

  • Fabulous place for a vacation. Your littles looks so cute and happy.. Wow using up the scraps. Very regal lady. Take care and Happy T Day

  • Lovely to see you all enjoying your holiday – The second pic is missing on my screen but it does look like a beautiful spot! I love the mail art – You have some great things on your desk! Pear tea sounds nice but if it has real tea in it I’m afraid I could not drink it! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  • Aha! So this is where you’ve been! I’ve totally misplaced you, and just the other day was wondering what in the heck happened to you and your gorgeous artwork. Wonderful job as always! I’ve always enjoyed your posts, and this one was near and dear to my heart. How lucky you were to be able to travel to the most beautiful beaches on the east coast. We are just south of your vacation spot in Wilmington, NC. My how the littles are growing! Love having a peek in and getting to see the photos of your vacation. Although we only live minutes from Wrightsville Beach (another beautiful beach when no one is on it), I haven’t been yet. No desire to hang with the summer crowd, and it was closed before Memorial Day to anyone who didn’t own or rent a home there.

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