Who’s Your Teacher: A Couch Adventure


Tea and Lessons From the Couch


With many a protest, we have informed our children that the school closures are in effect until further notice. They have been working hard in learning from the resources I have found on Youtube. I am certainly not a teacher, so online resources are a blessing. Last week, my boys wrote and illustrated a book, inspired by Lunch Doodles with MO. Mo Willems is the children’s author of the Elephant and Piggie books. If you have never read these to your kids or grandchildren, they are great. As an adult, I find them hilarious and easy to read. I Really Like Slop! is my daughter’s favorite.


Here are my children’s interpretation of the pigeon.



We have also been learning about spotlight animals with the free Home Safari series at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Our favorite animal was the red panda. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t make good house pets. Looks are deceiving because they look quite cuddly.



Have you ever watched travel videos for fun? Travel videos are not only informative but the perfect way to travel from your couch. We are doing some research on where we want to take our family trip once we become debt-free so this is a great excuse to watch videos. So far, our choices are Hawaii, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe. If you have been to any of these places, which would you pick?


Sourdough pretzels from this weeks baking project. Actually, I have made a lot of things but this is the only one that I remembered to take a picture of.



So, that’s what I have been doing this week. How about you?


Past Favorites


Today, I thought I would share some of my favorite projects with you. Here is a small compilation of past projects. If you want more photos and information, just click on the picture and it will take you to the post.


Other Gond Paintings: Bird; Chicken


Tim Holtz Paper Doll Journal


Post Card Mail Art



Hand Carved Stamps


Seth Apter Steampunk Journal

Tea Day


I am joining in with the ladies at T Day over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I don’t have this Mahamosa Strawberry Lychee Sencha Tea but it sounds good so I put it on my Amazon wish list. Recently, I have gone through a lot of teas in my stash so I am eyeing up some new ones. Any sugesstions?

Don’t forget to tell me where you like to vacation: Hawaii, Australia/New Zealand, or Europe?

Happy Tea Day,


14 thoughts on “Who’s Your Teacher: A Couch Adventure”

  • So glad you found info on the internet that will teach your children. Wichita schools shut down for the rest of the year, The children are being sent packets of schoolwork put out by their teachers. Seems like lots of extra work for the teachers, but at least they have lessons and must turn them in each week. Seems your children are learning a lot about art and animals from the zoo. I hope they are also studying math and science, too. I’m a BIG fan of math.

    I was surprised how many of your past projects I remembered. A great way to relive your art, too.

    That tea looks beautiful. I like how you always have such colorful tea leaves. Thanks for sharing your time on the couch, your boys’ art, your past projects, and your tea with us for T this almost Tuesday, dear Kate.

    Stay safe, stay healthy, stay stress free, and wash your hands often, dear friend.

  • Glad your kids are having fun during the enforced stay home. Love their art. I haven’t hd a vacation so long I wouldn’t know where to start, just somewhere else would be fine! Happy T Day, stay safe, Valerie

  • The books sound great!!! My big Niece just started learning English and she doesn´t like it. Maye such a book might help.

    Pick Australia, pick Perth! Broome, the West or North, Darwin is great, too! Go into the Outback and see the unpolluted sky, it is awesome!
    Oh, I miss it all so much! In Broome you probably might even bring a Pizza into the world-oldest open air cinema!

    Great works. Tea? Hm. My fav is apple-pie 🙂
    A happy T-day to you!

  • My daughter has been watching the Cincinnati zoo web cam and was telling me about them taking a type of pig for a walk on a leash. I really need to check it out. I love how you are having your kids make books. What fun activity. It must be tough with younger kids to carry through teaching new things Being a high school teacher it is more about actual curriculum for our subjects. And nice to see all that art. It is inspiring. Stay healthy and safe Kate. Hugs-Erika

  • Good morning I am glad you were able to figure out some teaching lessons. doesn’t the school also send out lessons? that would be more difficult on you if not. the books look like allot of fun there are loads of free tutorials and also e tours of museums etc too online now.
    enjoyed seeing your art-thanks for sharing-and glad you are enjoying baking Happy T hugs Kathy

  • It must be hard for the children working from home when they are used to being in class.. Even worse I think for the parents who must keep the, interested in learning. It sounds like you have lots of ideas and interesting things for your family. Their art looked fantastic, I bet that was a fun session.
    Look after yourself and family and stay safe and well .
    Yvonne xx

  • especially wonderful to have the internet right now isn’t it..I love how you are using it with your children to keep them active, learning, and creating!! Must say i have not heard of the books you mentioned.
    I LOVE armchair traveling when the real thing isn’t an option and do it all the time, And though I love the ocean and warm waters so much my choice anytime I have one will always be Europe!!! Yoour art is always so full of fantastic layers and details and such eye candy- I hope you find time to keep at it;) Stay well, and happy T day!

  • Sounds like you are having great couch adventures with your children! I love their drawings and that red panda does look cute 😁. I loved looking back at your artwork too, your layering and textures are always stunningly beautiful! Wishing you a Happy T Day, stay safe and well! Hugs, Jo x

  • The boys’ drawings are charming, Kate. We’ve only been to Hawaii and that was in the 1980s. I imagine things havee changed a lot. We’d love to visit the South Pacific; but we’d have to win the lottery first 😉

    Thanks for all the inspiration. I’m on my way to check out thee Seth Apter journal!

    Stay safe and well.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • Online learning is quite challenging but sounds like you’ve found wonderful things to keep your kids engaged. Love their artwork and yours. My Eldest calls watching documentaries Sofa Surfing. I have friends in Australia that I have met at conferences when they came Up Over, I think if I had a once in a life time trip, I’d like to go Down under. Or maybe back to Germany. I traveled there on a high school trip many many many years ago when the country was still divided into East and West, or maybe to Italy to visit Torre le Nocelle, the town where my father’s family is from to see if there are still relatives there. Take care and Happy T Day

  • Kate I think the drawings your children drew are lovely, our GSs are spending time drawing and colouring too, the eldest loves drawing so he’s enjoying having more time to do his hobby. Luckily their school are providing online lessons!
    I love all your artwork,, you have been busy creating.
    As we live in Spain I am biased , there’s so many beautiful places, we have traveled all over Europe over the years but Spain was always our favourite.
    We are just hoping we can still take our planned trip to see our family in San Francisco later in the year! I do love all the planning and I love getting the maps out too!
    Enjoy your armchair travel and keep safe
    Jan x

  • Where would I go? As I live in Europe I might choose something foreign to me. I’d love to see a volcano, so Hawaii would be a choice, but I wonder if there is anything more to do or see apart from beaches, which I am not really interested in.
    But for you, depending on the age of the children, I would recommend Europe. There is so much to see and so many different cultures and languages to experience.
    I am surprised the middle east is not on your list. Jordan is a beautiful country and it is politically stable and welcomes visitors. (A friend of mine has just come back from Jordan, in time for the shutdown) Think of Petra. Israel is also very interesting. But I don’t know how safe that is at the moment. I haven’t been there for a while.
    It’s great that you do such fun things with the children. At some stage the teachers will send in their homework and stick to the curriculum. In the meantime have fun and let the children remember this time at home with fondness.
    I love seeing your art. I remember most of it. I love those doodle animals.
    Are you not working yourself? I seem to remember you are a nurse. Or am I mistaking you with someone else?
    Take care, stay safe,
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • It sounds like you’re doing a good job with finding online learning resources. I like your assortment of artwork from the past. Happy belated T-Day!

  • I’m glad you have found some good stuff to share with your children! There seem to be a lot of places like the zoo putting things up for children!
    I have been to quite a few countries in Europe but I guess that the only down side there is for young children to understand the different languages. You certainly can’t beat it for history and changing scenery! Of course, there is always Paris (tee hee) Your art is fabulous and I will come back to follow your links! Belated Happy T day, Chris

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