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Water Makes the Plants Grow


We have had much rain as of late and I am sorry to say that the darkened sky tends to put me a little on edge. I find my mood to be consistent with the weather but as I look outside and see signs of spring, it reminds me that the rain has a purpose. The trees are filling in and the weeds have taken over our lawn. And soon we will be frolicking in the sunshine.

I took a trip to the greenhouse on a rainy days last week and got excited looking at the healthy and very green plants. I plan on keeping my garden small this year due to expenses but hopefully within a few years we can expand.



This year, I am focusing on herbs that can be used for herbal remedies and tea. I have suffered from IBS since I was young and the only thing I have found to relieve the pain is a herbal tincture made up of chamomile, ginger, peppermint, and fennel infused into 80 proof vodka and hot water. I have been drying peppermint (used in tea for digestion), rosemary (spice for cooking) and calendula (main component for my face cream) for a few years now but would like to add chamomile, fennel, lemongrass and some other healing herbs to my plot. Here are a few pictures of plants that I am eyeing up from my trip.




A few of these would look great in my indoor jungle (as my children call it), but I am running out of space with sunlight. I’ll try to update later on in the summer so you can see what I actually purchase.


Guest Post

I am over at the PaperArtsy blog today, sharing an art journal page from my daughter’s album. The theme is fish and I am using some of my favorite fish stamps by Lynne Perrella. You can have a look at my project HERE.


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  • I’m also focusing on herbs this year, Kate. You have chosen some beautiful ones to add to your “jungle.”

    Your layout is beautiful and I think it compliments the other layouts from your daughter’s journal.

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