Your Smile is Like the Sun : Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


Errands and Bubbles


Looking over my schedule for the week I am feeling overwhelmed with the length of my to-do list. I am a bit of a home body, so when 4 days out of the 5 day week are spent out of the house running errands and going to appointments, I am not very thrilled. You would think with a 3 year old at home I would want to spend as much time as possible outside my 4 walls. But for some reason, I don’t feel like that. Yes, I know I am weird. But I am happy being around my little person all day. And I find I have so much to do at home that I don’t feel the need to leave. With plenty of audio books at my disposable household chores have just become fun. And now that the weather has turned sunny, I have stocked up on plenty of bubbles and sidewalk chalk for our outdoor adventures (otherwise known as the front yard).



Do you like to stay home or get out and explore?


Creating the Layout




I used the Lily Wallpaper Stencil for the background along with stamping and various Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays. Scraps of book paper, fiber and fabric were layered along with PaperArsty stamps. I colored the stamps with PA Fresco Finish Paints.




Tea Day





I am joining the T Ladies for T-day over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s.  Today’s tea is I Gotta Colada from Tiesta Tea with some fresh cut daffodils in the background.



19 thoughts on “Your Smile is Like the Sun : Mixed Media Art Journal Layout”

  • I go through stages, and right now I’m in a homebody period. It feels good to be home, play on the patio… but I’m getting older and don’t want to become a recluse in my old age lol so I make an effort to plan outings. Your teas always look delicious. It’s good to see your daffodils. They’re long gone here. Happy T Day.

  • Love the beautiful journal page. I am not so much a stay at home person, I need to be out and about a lot, and go out in almost all weathers. But I can understand you wanting to spend time with your little cutie! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  • I have always loved to stay home-we don’t have children but I much rather be home then out and about. that was what I loved when I retired-I no longer had to keep schedule and go out,
    great journal page, love those pretty daffodils and your teas always look so good
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  • I hate super busy weeks myself, although I do go to work every day so for me it gets busy when I have extras on top of that. Not fun extras. But I also love audio books while driving and doing chores. And art. Love your page today. Happy T day Kate. Hugs-Erika

  • My sincere apologies. I’m leaving this message for everyone. I had to take my friend Sally to the emergency room Monday afternoon. I stayed with her until the ER doctors ran several tests, then admitted her to the hospital. When I got home, I found my basement was flooded from the many rounds of rain we are having. I’m still getting water out because I have no sump pump. I’ll be back by to share T just as soon as I have the water under control, because I don’t want mold to set in. For those of you who may not know, Twin Peaks is a sports bar that specializes in busty young, scantily clad female servers.

  • That sweet, little face rivals the face on the sun of your page. I’m a Hobbit. I prefer to stay home. As you said, there’s always something to do. Happy T Day

  • beautiful pages as always with such wonderful layers and bits Kate. I quite like being home too and like you don’t really like when I have a full week of errands, appointments., etc. Happy T day!

  • Its a fabulous layout Kate and a sweet photo of the little one.
    I can understand you wanting time to be at home with your youngest, they grow up so fast.
    I liked your idea of listening to audio books when doing the chores as well.
    Happy T day wishes .
    Yvonne xx

  • I create to do lists too and I’m not sure where time goes, the days just seem to fly by! That’s a beautiful layout, I love the background that you created and the photo of your daughter is super cute 😀. Daffodils are such cheery flowers – so pretty! Happy Tea Day! J 😊 x

  • A lovely bright journal layout, Kate! I am definitely a homebody. A perfect day for me is one that I don’t have to go out anywhere apart from taking my dog for a walk. The rest of the day I would happily spend crafting, gardening, writing, baking, reading…

  • Hi Kate, gorgeous artwork again, so bright and colourful. I must say after being away so much in the last two years we are enjoying being home this year even though we’ve being doing jobs since coming back in December..
    Your tea always looks delicious although I don’t drink fruit teas, almost looks like dried fruit, well I guess some of it is.
    Have a great week
    Jan x

  • Beautiful spread and sentiment, Kate. I guess I’m more of a homebody like you. But sometimes I need a break or getaway. Running all over town is not what I mean 😉 Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  • I’m a home bod too. I only go out if I have to. I make sure I get enough sunlight because of my SAD syndrome. I have to force myself to go out and where there is a day I don’t have to, I wear house clothes all day and absolutely love it. I am at my most productive then. Having to do errands just interrupts the flow of things. So I understand where you’re coming from.
    Your lay-out is gorgeous and the photo of your little one…. well what can I say. She is delicious!
    Happy belated T-Day,

  • Enjoy that 3 year old! You are going to turn around and that 3 year old will be thirty! I am getting so I like staying at home. I do like to go walking, if the weather permits. That is why , when I do have to get out like I did this week to go to the dentist, I did all my running.
    So now I can stay at home the rest of the week! Lovey project, Kate! Have a great week!

  • Your layout is gorgeous and your angel is adorable as the sunny entry you created.

    I’m usually mostly a home body, but right now, I want to be out of my basement so badly, it isn’t funny. Still baling water and every few hours more rain falls and more flash floods occur. Right now I would run away if I could (grin).

    Your tea looks beautiful and I enjoyed the name, too. It paired well with the beautiful spring flowers. Thanks for sharing your fabulous art and your tea with us for T this week, dear Kate.

  • I love your pages Kate! I do know what you mean – I love to go out with hubby but I also like to be in as there is always something to do!
    Belated Happy T Day! Chrisxx

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